Mike Sweeney and Maria Ochoa
with the
Bay Area Sikh Community

Bay Area Sikh Community celebrate Baisakhi the day the Khalsa was
formed by the Sikh 10th Guru Gobind Singh

Mike Addresses the Sikh Community
in Union City

Bob Swanson - Gurmeet Singh - Mike

Union City, Ca. - Mike addresses the Sikh Community

Maria, Mike and Bob enjoy dinner in the traditional
Sikh Langar (Complementary Dining Room)
Sikh Gurdwaras (Temples) provide free meals to all who visit.

Maria, Mike, Bob  and friend at Lungar

Mike Speaks at the San Jose Gurdwara

Bob Dhillon, Mike, Bob and Balbir Singh

Giving Mike a hand, activists:
Ram Singh, Bob, Charlie Engel and Balbir Singh

Bob Dhillon, Sikh friend, Bob, Maria and Mike and San Jose Gurdwara Lungar

Congratulations Mike!
on Your Appointment as
Undersecretary of the
California Department of Resources

Brief History of Sikhs on the West Coast

Bob Swanson at: