Castro Valley Veterans Creating Memorial
In 1999 San Lorenzo Led the Way
San Lorenzo has built an All Wars Memorial.  We can too!  See video below:

Castro Valley Veterans Memorial

In 2006 Castro Valley voted on Measure Q to fund parks in Castro Valley and it was narrowly defeated. If the ballot measure had passed Castro Valley would have built a new park called the "Veterans Memorial Park of Castro Valley".

The Veterans of Castro Valley have continued to work with the Hayward Area Recreation District to build a Castro Valley Veterans Memorial at the Castro Valley Park and Community Center at 18988 Lake Chabot Rd.  Efforts are now being made to make the Castro Valley Veterans Memorial a reality. You can help!

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Thank You! 
Hayward Area Recreation and Park District for voting to name the new park:
Veterans Memorial Park of Castro Valley
It's a Golden Idea!

We have a wonderful opportunity to erect an honorably elegant Veterans Memorial in the 24 acre park that Hayward Area Recreation District (HARD) would like to develop between Stanton, Carlton and Sydney.

If we can pass Measure Q on the November ballot we the citizens of Castro Valley will design this park.

There can be something for everyone.

Castro Valley History 

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

For the better part of the last 7 years the Castro Valley Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 9601 has been working to bring an All Wars Memorial to our community to honor those who put themselves in harms way for us all.

John McPartland is Post Commander of Castro Valley Post 9601. He has been working with the Castro Valley Library Advisory Committee in hopes that a fine memorial could be erected at the new library site. 

Unfortunately the new library has had to be down sized because of the escalating cost of construction.  This has all but precluded the possibility of a Veterans Memorial at the library at this time.

If measure Q passes it is proposed that the new park be Named the Castro Valley Veterans Memorial Park and that a veterans Memorial be constructed.

  • John Deas owned 5 acres of the 24 acres of land that will become a beautiful park if Measure Q passes. 

Original uniform patch of 
the 91st Infantry Division.
John Deas served in the U.S. Army's 91st Division in World War l.

The 91st Division has a proud history of military service dating back to World War 1. Constituted on 5 August 1917 at Camp Lewis, Washington, the Division soon thereafter departed for England in the summer of 1918. In September 1918, the Division's first operation was in the St. Mihiel Offensive in France. Serving under the U.S. Army's V Corps, the Division fought in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive and successfully helped to destroy the German First Guard Division and continued to smash through three successive enemy lines. 

Twelve days before the end of W.W.I, the Division, as part of the VII Army Corps, helped drive the enemy east across the Escaut River. The Division was awarded separate campaign streamers for its active role in the Lorraine, Meuse-Argonne and Ypres-Lys campaigns. In 1919, the 91st was deactivated at the Presidio of San Francisco. The 91st reconstituted in 1921 as part of the Organized Reserves. ( History of the 91ST DIVISION IN WORLD WAR I)

John's daughter Dorothy Cunningham was very close to her father. She believes that her father would be very proud to have a Veterans Memorial Park on land that was his property for so many years. Dorothy also said, that her dad loved baseball. John passed away in 1977.

  • Andrew and Doty Perrich made their home on part of this hill.
Three generations of the Perrich Family raised the American Flag on this noble hill.

Nancy’s brother Robert Johnson Perrich, father of Carolee, Robert A. and Sonza, served in the U.S. Army during WW II. He worked on The Manhattan Project. He served with the Manhattan Engineering District as an Inspector at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He lost his eye in the line of duty in an explosion. He held the rank of T/3 (SGT).

Robert’s son Robert A. Perrich served in the U.S. Army from 1972 to 1993. As a Senior Army Aviator, major career contributions took place in the UH-60 Black Hawk Special Operations arena as a Maintenance Test Pilot. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.

        Robert A. Perrich wrote: We live in a world over come by an event, before we can gain a perspective on the one that preceded it. 

        My best wishes to the fine people of Castro Valley, it's community and political leaders, support groups and especially veterans of all services, in making this park a reality.......On the High Ground "Play Ball". My warmest personal regards, Bob Perrich, Greeley, Colorado.
1937- Daughter Nancy Perrich Pratt and neighbor Dorothy Deas Cunningham raise an American Flag at the family home of Andrew and Borghild "doty" Perrich atop the Castro Valley hill that will hopefully become the Castro Valley Veterans Memorial Park.(above)
1953 - Carolee Perrich with her sister Sonza (Perrich) Van Herick with an American Flag at their grand parents flagpole (right

October28, 2006
Flag Raising on the Hill After 50 Years

Nancy Perrich Pratt now in her 80's addresses the the visitors here to witness the first flag raising after 50 years

Castro Valley VFW Honor Guard preparing to raise Ole' Glory

The Flag has been raised.  Nancy Perrich Pratt, Senate Nominee Ellen Corbett, Dorothy Deas Cunningham and Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley witness the event.

Three generations of the Perrich Family raised the American Flag on this noble hill. 
A heart felt thank you! to the Perrich family for their service and making this land special. 
Thank you John Deas for serving in the U.S. Army in France and Belgium during World War I.
And a warm thank you to Dorothy Deas Cunningham and Nancy Perrich Pratt and Carolee Perrich and their families for supporting Measure Q.

Resolution in Support of Creating a Veterans Memorial Park in Castro Valley
Passed the MAC October 16th, 2006 and forwarded to H.A.R.D.


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