U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder
Ends Raids on Medical Marijuana Collectives

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Raided by the DEA
October 8, 2008
Money and medicine was taken, no arrests yet.
The Collective was operated by an elderly, handicapped,
former probation officer and a 30 year retired nurse from Kaiser  Permanente

We are Hemp Front Door


DEA agents inside Collective

The proprietor of the Collective was ordered
to sit in the rear of the building


A sheriff's Deputy in front of building to the
right of the Collective


DEA agent and Sheriff's deputy to the far
left of front of Collective


A Sheriff's deputy and other law enforcement agents


Two Sheriff's deputies previous pictured


Law enforcement officer and DEA agent


Garden of Eden a Medical Marijuana Collective
Raided by the DEA
November 13, 2008
Money and medicine was taken, no arrests yet

DEA left employee ID's, Collective keys and a copy of
a search warrant and inventory documents on the reception desk


This is an example of the DEA's "War on Computer Paper"

Behind the counter


The DEA busted in the door to the office
even though they were given the key


Upon opening the office door one is confronted with
evidence of the DEA's "War on Containers"


View from inside the office with entrance door to the far left


The DEA left behind a large calling card souvenir

This email was sent to CaNorml from Ted Kilroy in response to the raid by DEA

From: ellen@canorml.org [mailto:ellen@canorml.org] On Behalf Of tedkilroy@mac.com
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 12:35 PM
To: ellen@canorml.org
Subject: [website feedback] Garden of Eden

Ted Kilroy sent a message using the contact form at http://www.canorml.org/contact.

Hello and please take the time to read this.

Recently there has been an upset in my life and many others.  The Garden of Eden in Hayward california was closed for a period of time due to a D.E.A Raid.  This dispensary is world class in my opinion; never delivering anything but premium medicine.  Untampered and safe. 

Now what are patients suppose to do?  Take bart for hours far away or drive forever in traffic to get their medicine?  What about on the way there,  being in pain around a bunch of people doesn't sound like fun to me.   This madness needs to be stopped.  Unjust persecution of a God Given Medicine is NOT right.  People need to be informed. Something needs to be
done.  Soon. 

I will help any way I can, I have been a patient of Garden of Eden for 4 or so years now after suffering a broken back resulting in paraplegia of my legs. I use a titanium wheelchair now.


Compassionate Collective of Alameda County (CCAC),
was renamed the Compassionate Patientsí Cooperative
a Medical Marijuana Collective
Raided by the DEA
October 30, 2007

Dispensary proprietors Winslow Norton, 26 and Abraham Norton, 23 were arrested. 
The brothers face up to 40 years in prison, and a $2 million fine. 


This clip from NBC 11 stated that government did not know what was going on at this Collective.  County Government understands that these raids happen because of a conflict between the laws of 13 states that recognize medical marijuana as a medicine and the out dated Federal law that does not. 

Southern and Eastern Alameda County now has no Medical Marijuana Collective.  Patients now have to travel to Oakland to obtain their legal medicine or seek out an illegal drug source. 

In my opinion, all three of the Medical Marijuana Collectives located in Unincorporated Alameda County were cooperative with Alameda County government and were performing a service to "Humanity". 

I implore President Elect Barack Obama to end the raids and allow states to regulate and tax medical marijuana without harassment from the Federal Government.  Please order the Food and Drug administration to conduct the long overdue research that has been requested by the government's own administrative law judges.  This will allow medical marijuana to be removed as a schedule 1 drug. This will allow patients to have the medicine they need and allow researchers to investigate the many components of medical marijuana. Some even look promising in the suppression of cancer cells.( See Judge James Gray Video)

$4.2 MILLION in sales tax in Unincorporated Alameda County

1 Year of Sales Tax From Medical Marijuana Distribution from 3 Collectives in unincorporated Alameda County (Approximate Taxes)
Tax $'s
State (General Fund)
State (Fiscal Recovery Fund)
State (Local Revenue Fund)  Money distributed based on a needs formula by controller (Alameda County receives a portion of this amount) (it could be more or less then this amount)
State (General Fund)
State (Local Public Safety Fund)  Money received based on previous year's sales tax (County receives close to this amount)
Local (County)
  0.25% County transportation funds
  0.75% City and county operations
                             Total Statewide Base Sales/Use Tax
Alameda County Local Sales Tax 
Essential Health Care Services Transactions and Use Tax (ACHC)
Transportation Improvement Authority (ACTI)
Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) 
Alameda County Total Local Sales Tax
8.75% Total Sales Tax Lost $4,200,000
The State of California Government loses $2.52 Million per year
Local Government loses $1.68 Million per year

Now that the DEA has raided and closed the 3 medical marijuana Collectives in Unincorporated Alameda County, the State and County will not receive millions of dollars in taxes next year. Thanks to the destructive actions of the DEA in our locality.

It is ludicrous to waste Federal and County tax dollars to destroy sources of State and Local government tax dollars. 

Between 80 and 100 employees lost good paying jobs and benefits adding to the meltdown of the U.S. economy and hardship to their families.  As a result the State and Federal governments lost income tax revenue and FICA payments. These assaults on these dispensaries only waste money and destroy lives.

President Elect Obama please stop these destructive raids and allow for appropriate Regulation and Taxation.

Bob Swanson 

Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske Chosen as Drug Czar

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