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Print and Mail form
Castro Valley Democratic Club Castro Valley
Democratic Club
FPPC #930572
Enclosed is my contribution of :
$10,000 $5,000 $2,000 $1,000 
$500 $250 $100 $

Please make checks payable to "Castro Valley Democratic Club"
Mail to: 
Make payable to: Castro Valley Democratic Club. 
Bring to next meeting or
Mail to: Castro Valley Democratic Club
P.O. Box 2173
Castro Valley, Ca. 94546 

Signature _________________________
I want to help  by: Displaying a yard/window sign 
Hosting a house party/coffee Walking a precinctPhoning voters 
Volunteering in the campaign office Working on election day Other

City  State Zip
Day Phone: 
For contributions of $100 or more the following information is required by law.
If Political Action Committee, ID number: 

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