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Alameda Naval Air Museum (ANAM) Located in the Air Terminal
 Alameda Naval Air Museum
Located in the Historic Nas Alameda Air Terminal
Building 77, Open Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
2151 Ferry Pt # 77, Alameda, CA 94501 (get directions)
(510) 522-4262


This will be a living history event with re-enactors portraying the participants and dignitaries present at the 1935 event and with a simulated broadcast recreating the event. Help us turn back the clock to this day in history when almost 25,000 people witnessed what was a worldwide event that made aviation history.

NOVEMBER 21, 2010
1:00 p.m.


2152 Ferry Road, Alameda Point (On the lagoon across from the USS Hornet) 

Donation $5.00 
(Children under 12 free) including entry to the Alameda Naval Air Museum to view the newly expanded Pam American Airways exhibit. 


Alameda Naval Air Museum (ANAM) Located in the Air TerminalAlameda Naval Air Museum (ANAM) Located in the Air Terminal

Air Terminal Now is the the NAS Alameda Museum
The historic legacy of the Alameda Naval Air Station will be preserved at the Alameda Naval Air Museum located in the former Air Terminal Building #77 at Alameda Point. Our museum features archival materials, photographs and stories of the war workers of World War II up to the eventual closing of the base in 1997.

Alameda Naval Air Museum (ANAM) Located in the Air Terminal
Larger Photo Taken From Entrance to the Museum

Alameda Naval Air Museum (ANAM) Located in the Air Terminal

WWII - USS Hornet (CV-8) Launched First Air Strike on Japan  Departed NAS Alameda April 2, 1942

After the devastation of Pearl Harbor on that day that lives in infamy. Hornet (CV-8 the 7th Hornet ) arrived at NAS Alameda 20 March 1942. With her own planes on the hangar deck, she loaded 16 Army B-25 bombers on the flight deck. Under the command of Lieutenant Colonel James H. Doolittle 70 officers and 64 enlisted men reported aboard. In company of escort ships Hornet departed NAS Alameda 2 April and embarked on her mission under sealed orders. That afternoon Captain Mitscher informed his men of their mission: 

The first Air raid on the heart of Japan, 4 month after the Peal Harbor Sneak Attack.
Colonel Doolittle led the B-25s in a daring strike on Tokyo. This action launched from NAS Alameda raised the hopes and the morale of a frightened nation.  President Roosevelt, when asked where the B-25s came from he answered they came from "Shangri-La" the faraway land of the James Hilton novel Lost Horizon.

 Uniquely named after this Presidential statement the USS Shangri-La (CV-38) was launched on 24 February 1944. 


California State Historical Site At NAS Alameda
NO. 968 SITE OF THE CHINA CLIPPER FLIGHT DEPARTURE - Pan American World Airways' fabled China Clipper (Martin M/130 Flying Boat) left Alameda Marina on November 22, 1935. Under the command of Captain Edwin C. Musick, the flight would reach Manila via Honolulu, Midway, Wake, and Guam. The inauguration of ocean airmail service and commercial air flight across the Pacific was a significant event for both California and the world.
Location:  Naval Air Station Mall, in front of Building No. 1, Alameda Naval Air Station, Alameda

The China Clipper  inaugural flight Leaves the future NAS Alameda bound for Manila  November 22, 1935


First Transcontinental Railroad Terminal

On September 6, 1869, first transcontinental railroad train linking two great oceans and consisting of twelve cars and three locomotives arrived at the wharf terminal location now covered by lagoon for take-off trans-pacific planes, midway down pier 2 within Naval Air Station Alameda.  California Historical Landmark (#440) 

First terminus of the Transcontinental Railroad at foot of Pacific Ave., Alameda (Oakland Public Library)

On May 10, 1869, Union Pacific and Central Pacific met at Promontory Summit, Utah Territory. Completeing this nation's first transcontinental railroad. The original locomotives "Jupiter" and "No. 119" were scrapped.
(Golden Spike National Historic Site)

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NAS Alameda Air Terminal Museum Under Threat From Development

On Thursday, August 7, 2008 land development interests held a meeting on the hangar deck of the USS Hornet. They presented their latest plans for the redevelopment of NAS Alameda.  The plans call for tearing down the Alameda Naval Air Museum (ANAM) Located in the Air Terminal. 

The NAS Air Terminal Museum should be restored and it could be a center piece to develop around. The loss of this Historic site and museum would be highly inappropriate.

The Museum needs your Help. Please contact Marilyn York, President of the Museum Board (510-317-2207).

Alameda Naval Air Museum Founder and A "Rosie the Riveter"
Marilyn York 
(1922  - October 4, 2012)

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  Marilyn York talks about NAS Alameda and the Naval Air Museum Recorded in the Museum lobby August 17, 2008 (sound track from above video)

Air Terminal Now is the the NAS Alameda Naval Air Museum

Castro Valley Forum/San Leandro Times 
Visits the Alameda Naval Air Museum
by Bob Swanson, Sunday, August 17,2008

We were greeted at the entrance by Museum President Marilyn York an 86 year old, clear eyed, intelligent woman.  Holding her hand was Chief Petty Officer Bronson Parry U.S. Navy Retired. The Chief is a museum Board Member in charge of Community Outreach. They are both very passionate about about this museum. They wish to preserve the old Air Terminal which houses the Historical Artifacts.

Left: Museum President and Founder Marilyn York, former WWII Wave and civilian Base worker with Chief Parry U.S. Nave Retired
Below: Reporter Robert Souza, Chief Parry, Frank Musso, Former Liver more City Manager and Museum Member Bob Swanson
Alameda Naval Air Museum (ANAM) Located in the Air Terminal
We were told of the concern they have for the preservation of the Air Terminal Site that houses the Alameda Naval Air Museum. Many Volunteer hours have been put in to make this an archive of historical significance for the Community and to the Honor the Sailors that served here through World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam.

Chief Parry talks about the large radio controlled model of the Japanese Battleship Yamoto displayed here.  The Yomoto was the largest battleship ever built.  It was sunk by U.S. carrier based aircraft.

Our visit was very informative and appreciated. Thanks to Chief Parry and to Museum President Marilyn York for there warm hospitality. Click link below to view Castro Valley Forum Article:
Swanson Launches Effort To Save Alameda Navy Museum
 By : Robert Souza : 8/19/08

Bob Swanson, a familiar face about town, was first introduced to Castro Valley when he came to visit a Navy buddy after returning from Vietnam to his new post at the Alameda Naval Air Station. (More)

Vietnam vet an advocate for chemical casualties of war
By Eric Kurhi
The Daily Review
ALAMEDA Bronson "Chief" Parry remembers the sheets of liquid falling from the sky clear, odorless, slightly oily drops that had the uncanny power to wither anything green in 24 hours. (More)

What is  the Future of NAS Alameda 
and the Alameda Naval Air Museum?

Former employees reflect on Island's naval air station
Oakland Tribune,  Apr 29, 2007
by Peter Hegarty STAFF

News and views from Alameda
More housing at Alameda Point?
Friday, August 8, 2008

SunCal is Alameda Points master developer 
View Reuse plans 

1991 City Of Alameda General Plan 
Please note that this version is text only includes no pictures. If you find a reference to a picture you want then email your request to and include section and page number.
Alameda Point Element (pdf, 377 k) 
Glossary (pdf, 169 k) 

Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority (ARRA) 
Meeting Videos, Agendas & Minutes

Self-Guided Tour of Alameda Point

Alameda Naval Air Museum - Map #25

Self-Guided Tour of Alameda Point

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180 Degree Panoramic Starting From Main Gate

Panoramic Photo Taken From in Front of  Administration Building 1

Panoramic Photo Taken in Front of  Enlisted Mess Hall

Panoramic Photo of Bachelor Officer Quarters (BOQ)

Photo of Inside VSF-1 Hangar 22

USS Hornet Museum (CVS-12)

Support the NAS Alameda Naval Air Museum and the USS Hornet Museum
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