Attack Squadron 113 Detachment Q
VA-113 DET-Q 
National Defense Service MedalVA-113 Det QVietnam Service Medal
USS Benningtion West Pacific Cruise Vietnam
March 22, 1965 - October 7, 1965
Charles William Darcey Ward III
Lieutenant Commander 
Charles William Darcey Ward III


LCDR Ward; LT Schauer; LT Pierce; LTJG Decker; LTJG Yum, LTJG Reid-Green

Va-113 DET Q - A4B Skyhawk

Attack Squadron 113 Detachment Q
VA-113 DET Q
TOP ROW:  LTJG Reid-Green; Lamont, C.; Vasquez, C; Raney, M.; Walker, R.; LTJG Yum
BOTTOM ROW: LTJG Decker; Cantor, M.; Gayatin, F.; Hawkins, L.; Ayres, W.; Grizzard, J.; Swanson, R.(not pictured)

TOP ROW: LT Pierce; Greene, W.; Sylvia, D,; French, C.; Jones. M.; Raney, M.; Cadoria, A.; Vasquez, C.
BOTTOM ROW: Dupree F.; Loyer, J.; Whitcomb, J.; Farrell N.; Andrews, S.; Pullin, L.

TOP ROW: LT Pierce; Landry, C.; Hall, S.; Newell, K.; Pollard, C.; Browning, J.; Farster, L.; Lechance, B.
BOTTOM ROW: Ayres, W.; Gizzard, F.; Dishneau D.; Pullin,   L.; Melone, J.; Bradshaw, J.

TOP ROW: LTJG Reid-Green; Veneman, W.; Krenning, D.; Carpenter, D.; Stevens, R.; Blick, G.; Pynn, W.; Hodges, P.; Royce, N.; Mosier   M.
BOTTOM ROW: Febuary, R.; Schaff, F.; Odom, G.; Booth, R.; Caldwell, H.; Hildebrand, D.

LCDR Charles W. D. Ward, Jr. became the first person to 
Land on and Catapult from the HMAS Melbourne
Historic Landing of A4 Landing on HMAS Melbourne Charles William Darcey Ward III Historic Catapult Shot of A4 from HMAS Melbourne
View  Video of the this Historic Landing and Photos


VA-113 Det Q, A-4b Skyhawk

Writer Finds Navy Role in Viet Complex

Reports 7th Fleet Maneuvers in China Sea

"The Bennington has yet to launch any weapon in earnest, but one of the helicopter pilots, Lt. David Zane North Merrick N. Y., already has two rescues to his credit. He picked up a flyer from the carrier Midway and also one of the Bennington's own fliers, Lt. Mark Pierce, whose Skyhawk jet interceptor slipped over the side while landing in rough weather. The landing cable held the plane fast, dunking only the nose and cockpit in the water. Pierce freed himself, floated from the cockpit and was back on the ship in less than a minute."

I - BuNo.144874 C/N 12120 LCDR C.W.D. Ward
12 Nov 1964 - VA-113 Det Q - NAS Lemoore, CA
23 Sep 1965 - VC-5 - NAS Atsugi, Japan 

II - BuNo. 144938 was replaced by BuNo. 142920 c/n 11982 Replaced first II
06 Jun 1965 - VA-113 Det Q - USS Bennington 
20 Oct 1965 - VSF-1 - NAS Alameda, CA

III- BuNo. 142819 c/n 11881
13 Nov 1964 - VA-113 Det Q - NAS Lemoore, CA 
15 Oct 1965 - VSF-1 - NAS Alameda, CA (c/n 11881) 
05 Nov 1967 - VC-1 - NAS Barbers Point, HI
29 Apr 1969 - NAS A&T - NAS Alameda, CA
to Singapore for conversion to A-4S with serial 636.  W/o Mar 30, 1983

IV- BuNo. 142877 c/n 11939
24 Nov 1958 - VA-113 - NAS Miramar, CA
21 Jun 1961 - NAS - NAS Moffett Field, CA
10 Nov 1964 - VA-113 Det Q - NAS Lemoore, CA
15 Oct 1965 - VSF-1 - NAS Alameda, CA


LTJG Larry Decker - Gary Odom and Bob Walker
See Gary Odom's Photo Album


Newell, Swanson, Krenning and Dupree at Joe's Club in Olongapo, Philippines June 1, 1965

USS Bennington CVS 20
Time Line: Vietnam

23 - 31 
1 - 9 
10 - 18 
20 - 30 
1 - 3 
4 - 9
10 - 12 
13 - 21 
22 - 24 
25 - 27 
28 - June 2 
3 - 4
5 - 10
11 - 13
14 - 20 
21 - 25 
26 - 30
Underway From Long Beach 
Enroute Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Operational Readiness Evaluation 
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Underway for West-Pac

Yokosuka, Japan
Manila, Philippine Islands
Operation "Seahorse" 
Bangkok, Thailand
Subic Bay, Philippine Islands

Hong Kong, British Crown Colony
Sasebo, Japan
Operation "Cross-Tee" 
Hakodate, Japan

1 - 9 
11 - 13 
14 - 19 
20 - 29 
30 - 31 
1 - 18 
19 - 20 
20 - 24 
25 - 26 
27 - 31
1 - 9 .
10 - 18 
19 - 22 
24 - 30 
1 - 6
Buckner Bay, Okinawa
Yokosuka, Japan
Enroute Station Off Vietnam 
On Station Vietnam

On Station Vietnam
Subic Bay, Philippine Islands 
Enroute Station Off Vietnam 
On Station Vietnam

On Station  Vietnam
Yokosuka, Japan 
Underway for CONUS 
Enroute Home

Enroute Home 
Arrive Long Beach, California

USS Bennington (CVS-20) Newsletter 19 April 1965
USS Bennington (CVS-20) Newsletter 1 October 1965

USS Bennington (CVS-20) Room
Aboard the USS Hornet Museum
Docked at the former NAS Alameda

Donna and Bob Swanson
Bob Swanson and his wife Donna

     When Va-113 Det Q returned to the United States, it disbanded and merged with Antisubmarine Warfare Fighter Squadron One
     The newly formed Squadron was stationed at Naval Air Station Alameda on the beautiful San Francisco Bay.

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