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VSF-1 War Eagles
Administration and Personnel Offices
Yeoman, 3rd Class Petty Officer VSF-1 Personnelman, 3rd Class Petty Officer
USS Shangri-La Mediterranean Cruise
September 29, 1966 - May 20, 1967

Back Row: YN3 Wayne C. Watson, PN3 Ronald J. Kohl
Front Row: PN3 Paul Lukes, YN3 R. K. McKay
and YN3 Bob Swanson
YN3 Tom Loftis (not pictured), Seaman Richard Davila (not pictured)
David L. King PN1 (pictured below)

David L. King PN1
David L. King PN1
(Ranking Personnelman)


Commander C.E. Waring - Comanding Officer
Commander C. E. Waring, Jr.
(Commanding Officer)


Commander C.E. Waring - Comanding Officer

Commander C.E. Waring, Jr.
VSF-1 Skipper

Naval Aviation News
Sep 1965

New ASW Squadron Formed VSF-1 Commissioned at Alameda the Navy's first antisubmarine fighter squadron, VSF-1, has been commissioned at NAS Alameda. VSF-1 was created to provide detachments of A-4 Skyhawks to ASW carriers primarily for defense of H-K groups. Such units were formerly obtained from A-4 attack squadrons. 

The squadron's 300-plus officers and enlisted men and 21 Skyhawks will be based at Alameda. Its first commanding officer is Commander C.E. Waring.

  VSF-1Being the first and only squadron of its kind, Anti-Submarine Warfare Fighter Squadron ONE is unique in the annals of Naval Aviation. The original mission of VSF-1 was to fly combat air patrol (CAP) for Anti-Submarine Carriers (CVS's). Utilizing the sidewinder missile and 20mm cannons for armament, four plane detachments were deployed with each CVS. In February 1966 the mission of the squadron was enlarged to include the full capability of a light jet attack squadron.

In addition to the delivery of conventional and special weapons, the mission of VSF-1 includes the administration and maintenance of a complex and highly trained crew. The squadron is responsible for maintaining its assigned aircraft, conducting on extension training program, and for all internal administrative matters.

VSF-1 was Commissioned July 1, 1965. On October 7, 1965 VA-113 Detachment Q returned from Vietnam (WestPac) aboard the USS Bennington and merged with VSF-1.


Anti-Submarine Warfare Fighter Squadron One
VSF-1 War Eagles 
TOP ROW: Wells, J. R., AN; Cadoria, A. J., AMS2; Veres, J. B., ABHAN; Swanner, E. 0., ADJ3; Roberts, R. E., AN; Shepherd, R. C., ABHAN; Garren, T. D., AN; Banks, L. D., ADJ3; Hern, R. A., AN; Mellon, C., AN; HAAS, J. H., ADJ3; 
SECOND ROW: Horner, C. A., AMH3; Smith, J. H., AMH3; Barber, L. L., AMEAN; Greer, R. V., AN; Wakefield, J. A., AMSAN; Chouinard, J. L., AN; Hineline, W. A., ADJ2; Terrill, R. W., ABHAN; Loftis, T. J., SN; Bouse, S. W., ADJ3. 
BOTTOM ROW:Stokes, O., ADJ3; Odom, G. D., AE3; Heard, W. E., ABH1; Hall, C. W., AMSC; Gerlach, K. J., LTJG; Watson, T. P., LCDR; Webert, G. L., LTJG; De Leon, R., AMS3; Berkey, H. C., ADJ3.

TOP ROW: Rose, J. R., ADJ1; Zweifel, G. H., ADJ2; Bennet, J. A., AMH3; Smith, N. D.; AA; Campbell, L. L., ADR2; Tamol, T. J., AZ3; 
SECOND ROW: Mc Kay, R. K., YN3; Watson, W. C., SN; Mc Call, L. L., AMH3; Swanson, R. E., YN3; Fetterman, J.J., AMS1; Kohl, R. J., PNSN; Lukes, P. J., PN3; Gomes, W. K., AMS3; Squire, B. E., ADJ3; Davila, R., SN (Not Pictured)
FRONT ROW:King, D. L., PN1; Minyard, J. W., ADJC; Owesney, W. T., LCDR; Ward, C. W. D., LCDR; Guneau L. C., LT; Winfree, H. T., LT; Vest, A. M., AMSC; Love, A. I., HM2; Grimm, W. J., AK2.

BACK ROW: Tucker, C. E., AMH3; Bennett, J. A., AMH3; Odom, J. R., ADJ2; Eastwood, E. L., AME2; King, P. E., ADR2; Gerlach, E. D., ADJ3; Miller, D. R., PR3; Elliot, D. L., ATN3; Sellers, C. C., AMH2; Molitor, R. A, ADJ3; Brainard, R. J., AMH3; Hunter, R. L., AME3; McConnell, L. J., ADJ3; Boyd, M., ADJ2; 
???SECOND ROW: Sharpsteen, A. J., AME3; Wheeler, A. H., AMS2; Squire, B. E., ADJ3; Aguliera, M. T., ADJ3; Graham, C. M., PR2; Kidd, J. E., ADJ3; Clapp, D. E., ADJ3; Ohm, J. A., ADJ3; Armstrong, F. M., A03; Sobielo, R. A., ADJ3. 
FRONT ROW: Guiboa, W. C., ADJ1; Kersey, S. J., ADJ1; Fetterman, J. I., AMS1; Reid-Green, LT. J. B.; Waring, CDR. C. E. JR.; Roberson, L. E., AMSC; Farrar, R. D., AMH1; Moore, J. S., AME1; Hendrix, C. T., PR1.

BACK ROW: Lenihan, J. C., AOAN; Ulrich, G. E., AE1; Salak, W. F., A01; Diggs, J. F., AE1; Crookshank, P. W., AT1; Popalisky, D. J., AE3; Craft, B. G., A02; Koop, E., A03; Krambeck, K. E., A03; Wolvert, H. R., A03; Bair, D. E., AE3; Morse, J. E., A03. 
SECOND ROW: Pierson, R. D., ATN1; Thompson, W. F., ATN2; Badders, J. L., ATR3; Lawson, J. A, AE1; Slaton, L. W., ATR2; Joplin, P. M., AE2; Smith, L. J., A03; Booth, R. T., AE2; Turybery, G. A., ATN2; Moersch, C. W., AN. 
FRONT ROW:Phalp, S. E., ATR2; Landers, J. R., AE3; Harwell, B. F., ATC; LT. L. G. Hudson; CDR. D. K. Wilson; LT. J. P. Rogers; Pastwa, G. R., A03; Wickline, W. S., AE3; Busch, J. P., AE3.
More VSF-1 Folks and Stuff
CDR Martin Alfred Asbacher, CO 1968
ENS. Allan L. Cartwright
LTJG John A. Chernowski 
LTJG Howie Fowler

LTJG Karl J. Gerlach
Edited the Cruise Book that some 
of the photos came from. He now 
lives in Castro Valley, Ca.

More Photos


Ship is Sunk in Aegean Storm by Own Cargo; 230 Missing, 49 Picked Up

"Three units of the United States 6th fleet--the carrier, Shangri-La, the cruiser Columbus, and a destroyer joined the search for survivors before dusk and remained on night search with Greek warships."

The VSF Story Part I

By CDR Robert R. "Boom" Powell
Designed to deliver one bomb over long distances, by 1961 the Douglas Skyhawk had proven itself as a capable ground attack aircraft. While maintaining a nuclear strike capability, Navy and Marine VA and VMA squadrons' primary role had become destruction of land and sea targets with conventional ordnance. That year, the A-4's talents as an air-to-air fighter were first used in the VSF mission. 

VSF = ASWFitRon = a squadron that would provide fighter aircraft to protect the specialized anti-submarine aircraft carriers (designated CVS from 1955 - 1973) from enemy air attacks. Although used officially for only a brief period, "VSF" is a convenient way of saying "fighters operating from an Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) aircraft carrier" and will be used in this article. As some wit said, "Vee Ess Eff must mean Very Small Fighters." Continued

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